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There are a number of services this company provides that are unique and even inventive. For example, most of their software is Open Source, under the General Public License, which allows ThinkHost’s programmers to read, redistribute, update and customize their software to meet the needs of the clients.

Their servers run the current version of the FreeBSD operating system, along with other Open Source applications like Apache, PHP, and MySQL. A variety of new modules and options can be customized for these apps, and if there’s a module your site needs installed, the ThinkHost developers are usually happy to oblige. Just let them know! The company’s approach to hardware is unique as well. Instead of constantly acquiring additional servers – which would prevent the quick application of software updates and security patches – ThinkHost technicians simply upgrade and expand a very small server farm of custom-configured servers, as client needs demand. As a result, Your site will never be slowed down by other sites on the same machine, or by any one site taking up too much bandwidth. The memory and disk space capacities of their servers – as well as other processes – are automatically monitored around the clock,and expanded as the need arises.

As a result, since May 2000, ThinkHost servers have maintained 99.99% uptime overall.

Their 24/7 Email support is excellent. All trouble tickets are answered in the order they are received, with emergency issues given precedence. Many tickets are answered in a few minutes and most within 6 hours, but always within 24 hours. Because ThinkHost’s software is continuously upgraded, the utmost security and reliability can be maintained.

Speciality: Everything unlimited, Reliable & most important make use of Green & Renewable Energy. They are associated with & are approved for People & Planet by Co-op America.

My Suggestion: If you truly think about our environment & want best features & reliable hosting buy Thinkhost.

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