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Hostgator Review

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Before Hostgator hosting, I struggled to build basic websites. With limited support from other web hosting providers, I was lost in a horrific battle with no exit strategy to actually begin marketing my business. If you want to ultimately become successful in your business, why should you worry about less important things such as the hassle of building a website by yourself.

Would You Build a Business on Quicksand?

I’ve tried plenty of good service providers, but none of them compared to what I’m about to share with you today!

Building a business online, has been a long journey. It wasn’t until recent, that I realized how detrimental it was to not choose a strong foundation for hosting your product and services.

Without a strong foundation, such as host gator web hosting, I found myself going through a lot of pain and frustration at the beginning. After I built my site, I actually lost all my work and data by something as simple as not having a data backup component.

Choosing an Efficient Hosting Solution

Hostgator has saved me from a huge amount of headache and frustration, while building my business. I read a ton of reviews, and asked industry icons which hosting solution they recommend. I got an overwhelming response, and received top recommendation to choose Gator Host (as they are popularly called) for web hosting.

When I got started with hostgator a few years back, I also got stuck! But with their 24/7 chat support, via email and phone; I had peace of mind in knowing I would always have a live person available to answer the questions I needed answered to move forward. After losing all my hard work before, I was reluctant to see host gator provided a instant backup of all my work!

With their easy to use web interface, I immediately began to focus more of my time and energy on marketing my business to drive more traffic, and convert more leads into sales. With over 4,300 web templates, I had the flexibility to choose a sleek web design to showcase my business to the world!

Hostgator 24/7 Support

When selecting a web hosting provider. One of the key factors that influenced who I selected, was customer support. Hostgator provides help to beginners, as well as more advanced users.

When you make a decision to get started with hostgator web hosting, you’ll have access to:

  • Self Service
  • User Forums
  • Knowledge Base
  • Video Tutorials
  • Phone Support

This has a priceless value to even to the most advanced Internet marketer, and helps streamline your way to success for those of us who are new to setting up a website.

The self service portal is where you can handle billing and upgrading your hosting plan. The user forums provides a community of other customers that are happy to answer simple questions to help you overcome roadblocks and frustration.

The knowledge base is full of configuration topics, that provides transparency to help you solve technical issues. The video tutorials are power-packed with step by step instructions, for the more visual learners. With video tutorial, this makes it easy to outsource the more tedious tasks by using outsourcing services. Above all, the phone support is available for you around the clock!

These were features and benefits I absolutely had to have, when selecting the best web hosting provider.

Host Gator Hosting – The Ultimate Web Hosting Solution

There are many other great advantages for you to choose hostgator for all your hosting needs. You have different hostgator plans that will fit your company needs. Amazingly enough, hostgator pricing is inexpensive, there’s a ton of hostgator coupons, and this unprecedented opportunity could end any day.

At the moment, they’re offering a google adwords coupon worth $100! This is an exciting time to get started with hostgator web hosting right now!

Hostgator has been my top provider for hosting, three years in a row. One thing I absolutely love about the service, is how much they go above and beyond for the customer. Marketing and driving traffic to your business is important. Without traffic, how could you make a single sale?

By offering a $100 google pay-per-click coupon, hostgator not only provides the best web hosting solution; But the best solution for any person or business that wants to be successful online. After all, marketing your business should be the main goal, and technical jargon without help, will only slow you done from your definite purpose.

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Hostgator Discount

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